#1: Molara Wood and the “Third Generation”

Molara Wood (c) T. Y. Bello

Molara Wood (c) T. Y. Bello

In a series of one-on-one questions, Jamila Brown gathers impressions from the authors of our new books–Molara Wood [Indigo; Parresia 2013] and Chika Unigwe [Night Dancer; Parresia 2013]. #enjoy #comment and #share

Jamila Brown: Hello Molara. You have been a member of the Nigerian literati for a very long time and are considered a member of the “Third Generation” of writers, yet your debut collection of short stories is only just coming out. Why the long delay? Can you give us a background of you and your writing?

Molara Wood: Well, a good number of the ‘Third Generation’ writers started the race before some of us and were already making their names in the late 90s, going into print in the very early noughties – the likes of Unoma Azuah, Uche Nduka and Lola Shoneyin. So, they had a head-start, all kudos to them. The rest of us took time to find our voices, but better late than never, as they say. I started getting published first as a journalist and essayist – both of which I still am – and ended up writing more and more fiction. But if you asked me, I’d tell you that all the detours of my life, intended and accidental, were leading me down this road.

Indigo, published by Parresia Books [2013] is available in bookstores nationwide.

Parresia Books: New Authors

Parresia Books: New Authors


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